The importance of our resources

The growing concerns of drinkable water elevated at an alarming rate. The filtration for the water systems have declined in the safe consumption for people. Water filtration media plays a huge factor in letting the population know what chemicals are being used to filtrate their drinking water and the safety with it. If the water filtration companies are using certain chemicals that have been linked to certain types of cancer or other devastating illnesses, it is the medias job to inform the public as well as let them know of a safe alternative for the future.

The media plays a major role in our life for education. It is our right as a human race to know exactly what is being used in our water filtration systems to make the water drinkable. If the chemicals are causing more harm than good, it is our right to demand a difference.

The Great College Caper

We’ve all heard the lecture at one time or another. “Those who go to a four year college will earn an average of one million dollars more in their lifetime.” Whether it’s through a teacher, guidance counselor, or other school official, they can’t seem to get enough of feeding us this same line time and time again. But with the surging costs of attending a four year college, who can afford to attend one without setting themselves up for a life of debt? That’s when I learned about the community college method. Because the first two years of college are almost entirely generic courses, they can be taken at a community college for a fraction of the cost, then transferred via the credit system to a traditional school. And best of all, some professions, such as wedding makeup artist Manchester and cosmetologist allow you to circumvent the college process entirely, opting instead for an inexpensive trade school. I’m sure glad I learned about that before I took out my student loans.

Golden Hands

One of the best things I experienced was a Liverpool thai massage. This was a treat for me as I had been very stressed from work and family issues as of late. I entered the salon and was taken back to the area where the technique was performed. Talking with the woman who had hands of gold, I discovered that she had a positive energy about her. All of my troubles seemed to float out the door, leaving my body with every move of her hands. I left the salon and went home. My children saw an immediate difference in my attitude. Something had come over me, and I knew it was the woman I had met. I went back the next day, but there was no sign of the salon at all except a small business card with the words You Have The Power.

Fashion Show Faux Pas and the Power of Frienship

Yesterday was the fashion show for young artists at our community center. I was modeling along with some of my friends. We were all supposed to be there at 1 so the show could start at 3. Sondra, who is never on time, shows up after swim practice at 2:45, 15 minutes before show time. At this point the hair and makeup artist Manchester was gone, so my friends and I sprung into action. Rachel and Sarah styled her hair, while James and I applied the necessary touches to her face. Sondra did not no what hit her. In no time, we were on stage looking beautiful and raising money for young designers in our community. Friendship is a powerful thing, with the right group of friends you can accomplish anything.

Attention for My Brand

I was recently setting up a booth at a local fair and I knew that I needed to have some way to draw attention to my brand and to help the individuals at the fair to pay attention to that booth. Suddenly I had an idea. I knew that I could get the attention that I was looking for if I enlisted the help of promo girls who would be at the booth and draw attention to it. I chose a group of young women who were good looking and willing to be hired on for the job, and I used that group of young women to help bring attention to my booth. These girls smiled sweetly and let all of the individuals at the fair know just what we had to offer. Our brand has grown thanks to these girls and the help that they brought.

Artistic Triumph

Sara and Minerva had been friends for years. Every Wednesday evening since either of them could remember they had gotten together to do craft projects. Time changes many people, but it never changed their friendship. One day Minerva told Sara that her husband had filed for divorce and she started to cry. Sara picked up the plate in front of her and threw it on the ground. She was so mad that Minerva’s husband would do that to her dear friend. Startled, Minerva looked at Sara then started cleaning the mess of broken glass up. Staring at the pretty blue plate broken in to many pieces all over the floor, she suddenly had an idea. They could use it as recycled glass media to put in a craft project. Why let it go to waste? Going to get supplies to start the project she knew that sometimes relationships end, but friends like Sara were forever.

Ashley’s New Job

There were many things that Ashley pondered about when she walked home that night. She couldn’t believe she was walking due to her car breaking down unexpectedly. This really put Ashley into a mind frame of where she questioned everything that was going on in her life. She was tired of her job, she was tired of where she stayed, and she was just tired of being tired. She knew that she wanted something more out of life however, she didn’t know how to obtain the freedom with financial security that she desired for so long. That is when Ashley decided to look for another job so that she could enjoy her life. A week later Ashley worked with a promotional staff and really enjoyed her new job and was excited.